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Hello There!

“I can do it myself” According to my mom that was my first real sentence. I was a stubborn little Swedish girl and even today I like to get things done, fast! I absolutely love coffee and I usually go to bed dreaming about my morning coffee. Dreaming is also one of my favorite things, for as long as I can remember I have had a vivid imagination. All of the above lead me to my life in Bali…


Living in Bali has been an adventure unlike any other. When I first arrived on this tropical island in 2001, I knew I would eventually live there. I was immediately struck by the vibrant colors and sounds all around me. The lush green rice paddies, the bustling streets filled with motorbikes, and the smiling faces of the locals all contributed to the sense of excitement and wonder that I felt.


In 2014 I made it happen. My first years I began to discover all of the unique and wonderful things that Bali has to offer, every day presented a new opportunity to explore and learn. Of course, living in a foreign country also presented it's challenges. Learning to navigate the language and cultural differences was sometimes difficult, and I had to adjust to a more laid-back approach to life than what I was used to. I have always said that Bali is a hate-love-story and I’m not here to sugar coat my experiences in Bali. I’m here to give you a fair picture of what life and livelihood on the island could be like. The good and the bad.


I started my first business in Bali 2015. I have worked in the clothing, travel and coffee industry. My company is declared legal and licensed for trading, manufacturing, restaurant, events and consulting. I have managed multiple builds and renovations. In 2019 I took on the biggest challenge of them all, building my own villa.

This experience along with the struggle during covid forced me to make some big decisions. I eventually sold parts of my business and my house.


Bali has taught me the value of being open-minded, adaptable, and grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. I hope that my experiences can help you get an insight and guidance to your dreams.


Founder, Bali By Livelihood

My right hand woman

Meet Dewi, a self-made woman from Java. Dewi is a smart, capable mother. She arrived in Bali 2008 with little money in her pocket. Her journey has not been easy, nonetheless 15 years later she is now a graduated lawyer with years of experience in the field of law and accounting.

Dewi has a sweet tooth as well as a passion for bikes, loves off-roading and traveling around the islands. She has built her own house and is a strong independent Indonesian woman.

Dewi has the knowledge and understanding for the legal system in Indonesia as well as the social network to guide and assist with company establishment, along with all legal requirements attached to a business setup. 

"Bali is where I began my professional career when I moved here with my beautiful daughter. I started work as a shop attendant, although I soon discovered that this was not what I was passionate about. So I began to reinvent myself and my skills to concentrate mainly on finances and freelance bookkeeping. After being introduced to their acquaintances by my clients, I met and started working for a British lawyer. I had the chance to grow and began to see a career in the legal system. 


I love practicing law. I get to travel to different countries to represent legal cases, helping me to develop a more proactive and productive lifestyle. I chose to pursue my undergraduate notary degree at University level. I know I will continue to work in this field for many years to come, and I see it as the beginning of a bright future for my daughter and me.


Being a lawyer does not come without challenges. In addition to requiring high education and communication skills, the demand to fight for client rights when facing legal problems is a challenge in itself. You need to think critically and logically at the same time, having a sharper mind and stronger EQ.


Throughout my career, I have represented a wide range of clients, from small startups to large corporations. I have worked on a variety of cases. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and look forward to the opportunity to work with you."


Partner, Bali By Livelihood

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